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A year-by-year, film-by-film history of 70-millimeter wide gauge exhibition in Southern California


 Compiled by Michael Coate and William Kallay



70mm Equipped Theatre Pictures




During the summer of 1990, the Fairfax ran an exciting series of films in both 70mm and 35mm This is the front of a Cineplex Odeon "hard" ticket which customers bought during these screenings Note the white hole at the top right of the ticket, which indicates it was punched by an usher when entering the Fairfax


Perhaps one of the most famous screenings in film history, the "Director's Cut" of the classic, "Blade Runner" (1982).  The audience that day expected to see the original theatrical version of the film which hadn't been seen in 70mm in the L.A. area since its release.  Much to the delight of that crowd, it was announced that this particular 70mm print was indeed a special "work print" that director Ridley Scott had assembled in 1982 for preview audiences.  The crowd went wild and let out a collective "ahh" when the simple titles came on and the "Hades" vision of Los Angeles in the future unfurled on the Fairfax screen.  There was temp music throughout the movie, virtually no narration by Harrison Ford as Decker (except at the very end of the film) and a different ending.  To add to the excitement of this screening, the print was in pristine shape [Enlarge]


One of the worst looking 70mm blow-up prints in history!  This print, if memory serves, was struck for the European market and came from England The print was very grainy and faded Surprisingly enough, the "restored" 70mm print shown in 1995 looked almost identical to this one! [Enlarge]


Ticket for a special June 3, 1990 showing of "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"   The entire "Indiana Jones" Trilogy was screened during this summer Classic Film Festival "Raiders" and "Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade" were shown in 70mm, but "Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom" was shown in 35mm due to a last minute change [Enlarge]


A gem of a screening at the Fairfax in 70mm @ 30fps You haven't seen "Oklahoma!" until you've seen it properly in 70mm [Enlarge]


A special 70mm presentation of Kubrick's classic Too bad the ticket wasn't as nice as the other ones Cineplex Odeon had for this festival [Enlarge]


The Fairfax on a nice hot day in L.A. (2006)


The marquee The Fairfax was once a single screen theatre until Cineplex Odeon bought it and turned it into a three screen complex The carving of the auditorium took out a lot of seating, but the main auditorium is pleasant enough to see films in


Looking down Beverly Blvd.


A closer look at the marquee


The old box office


The lobby on a busy Sunday afternoon


[1] Cineplex Odeon
[2] William Kallay



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