A year-by-year, film-by-film history of 70-millimeter wide gauge exhibition in Southern California

 Compiled by Michael Coate and William Kallay


March 14:
Nights And Days (“Noce I Dnie”)
65mm Origination (Uncredited) / Six-Track Stereo

Westwood Village: [Mann] Village

Los Angeles International Film Exposition (FILMEX) screening; shown once

Additional 70mm FILMEX Screening:
Century City: [Plitt] Century Plaza (Mar. 21)

May 25:
Star Wars
Anamorphic Blow-Up / Six-Track Dolby Stereo
Lucasfilm Ltd./20th Century Fox
"A long time ago in galaxy far, far away...."

Hollywood: [Mann] Chinese*
Orange: [Plitt] CityCenter
Westwood Village: [GCC] Avco Center

Expanded Release on July 6:
Century City: [Plitt] Century Plaza**
Newport Beach: [Edwards] Newport

Additional 70mm Engagements:
Hollywood: [Mann] Hollywood (June 24)
Hollywood: [Mann] Chinese* (Aug. 3)
Santa Barbara: [Metropolitan] Granada (Sep. 18)

*Engagement ran initially from May 25 - June 23. The Chinese, honoring a prior commitment, screened "Sorcerer" beginning June 24, at which time "Star Wars" was moved to the Hollywood Theatre. "Star Wars" returned to the Chinese on August 3, the first time in the famous theatre's then-fifty-year history a film played a second first-run engagement.

**Engagement interrupted April 13 - May 7, 1978 for FILMEX screenings

"Enjoy The Full Effects As Presented In Magnificent 70mm And Dolby High-Fidelity Stereophonic Sound"

"The Force Is Back In 70mm-Dolby!"

"Star Wars At Edwards Newport Cinema Now On The Largest Screen West Of New York... 75 Feet Wide By 35 Feet Tall... Presented In Full 70mm And Six Track Stereo... Dolby System"

Also see 1978, 1979, 1981 & 1982 entries, and 1985 “Return Of The Jedi” re-issue entry

[R2-D2, C-3PO & Darth Vader placed their hand, foot and droid prints at the Chinese Theatre in connection with the return engagement of "Star Wars" on Aug. 3, 1977]

June 14:
Anamorphic Blow-Up / Six-Track Stereo

Century City: [Plitt] Century Plaza

Exhibitor and record industry trade screening; shown one time only — 1978 release in 35mm

July 17:
2001: A Space Odyssey (Re-Issue)
Super Panavision 70 / "Cinerama" / Six-Track Stereo
MGM (United Artists)
"Before 'Star Wars' There Was...And There Always Will Be '2001: A Space Odyssey' Now In Cinerama, 70mm & 6-Track Stereo Sound"

Hollywood: [Pacific] Cinerama Dome

Also see 1968, 1974, 1980 & 2001 entries, and 1971 "MGM Fabulous Three" entry, plus Special Screenings and Film Festivals (1990, 1992, 1996, 1997, 2005, 2007, and 2008) entries

September 23:
Tommy (Re-Issue)
Spherical Blow-Up / Six-Track Stereo
“Now...For The First Time Ever! Supersonic 70mm And Super-Mind-Blowing Ultrasonic Stereo.”

Hollywood: [Pacific] Cinerama Dome

First time in 70mm in Los Angeles — Original 1975 release in 35mm

Additional 70mm Engagement:
Hollywood: [SRO] Paramount (Sep. 1, 1978)

Additional 70mm Screening:
Santa Monica: [American Cinematheque] Aero* (May 21, 2009)

Shown in 70mm at midnight on Sep. 1, 2 & 3, 1978
*Shown once during the "Bigger Than Life: 70mm Returns" festival

November 18:
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Anamorphic Blow-Up / Six-Track Dolby Stereo
"We are not alone."

Hollywood: [Pacific] Cinerama Dome

Expanded Release on Dec. 14:
Costa Mesa: [Mann] South Coast Plaza
Hollywood: [SRO] Paramount*
Lakewood: [Pacific] Lakewood Center
Orange: [Syufy] Cinedome 20
Pasadena: [SRO] Hastings

*Move-over from Cinerama Dome — "Giant 70mm Panavision Screen - 2700 Watts 6 Track Dolby Sound System"

Expanded Release on Dec. 21:
Palm Springs: [Metropolitan] Camelot
Santa Barbara: [Metropolitan] Granada

Additional 70mm Engagement:
Century City: [Plitt] Century Plaza (May 19, 1978)

Also see 1980 “Special Edition” re-issue entry

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