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A year-by-year, film-by-film history of 70-millimeter wide gauge exhibition in Orange County, California


 Compiled by Michael Coate and William Kallay



70mm Equipped Theatre Pictures

Century 21 Theatre


Theatre Specifications
Chains: Statewide / Loew's / General Cinema Corporation
Opened: June 30, 1965
Remodeled: Auditorium split into two (2) auditoriums; Re-opened on June 26, 1974
Closed: Last show on February 28, 1979 / Now demolished
Seats: 1250 (before twinning)


About a mile away from Interstate 5, and up on Euclid Avenue, sat the mostly forgotten Century 21 Theatre.  It was opened by the Statewide Theatre Circuit.  Virtually identical to the Valley Plaza Theatre in Bakersfield, the Inland Cinema in San Bernardino, and the Mann 21 in San Diego, Anaheim’s Century 21 broke ground on March 19, 1965.  It opened on June 30, 1965. The theatre was designed by the San Diego firm of Tucker, Salder and Bennett.


Though there is no record of a 70mm engagement ever playing at the Century 21, the theatre was built for large format projection, according to trade coverage, and featured a large widescreen and a drive-up box office. The auditorium held 1250 seats, according to the opening day ad (see below). 


Through newspaper advertisements and speaking to local residents, it appears that the theatre wasn’t successful, or even remembered.  Bring up the subject of the Fox Theatre, many people in the area remember it fondly, especially when it was torn down.  Bring up the Cinemaland or Brookhurst, people will recall them, too.  But the Century 21 has seemingly been forgotten.  It could be possible that its location was a factor, since it sat about a mile from the Interstate 5 Freeway in a pretty non-descript area. 


By 1974, the auditorium was split in half to accommodate more movies.  The end result was a long auditorium with red curtains, making it seem like the screen was a million miles away from viewers in the back rows.  The theatre closed by the late-‘70s and was replaced by two fast food restaurants and office buildings.




Century 21 early artist rendering


Postcard sent out to local residents for the Gala Premiere opening on June 30, 1965 [Enlarge]


Back of the postcard [Enlarge]


Statewide Century 21 — Anaheim (June 30, 1965)


A view of the box office facing Euclid Avenue


Inland in San Bernardino — Similar to the former Century 21 in Anaheim (2005)


Ad indicating the Century 21 would be converted into a twin cinema (1974)


Ad indicating the Century 21 had been split into a twin cinema (1974)


The ad for the final showings at the Century 21 (February 28, 1979)


Century 21's land is now occupied by a fast food restaurant and other buildings (2005)


Century 21 as it might look today (digital composite)

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Special thanks to Jane Newell (Anaheim Public Library)



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