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David Strohmaierís Cinerama Adventure


Posted October 15, 2004


"This Is Cinerama" To Return To Hollywood!

The 1952 Classic To Screen At The Cinerama Dome



William Kallay



What a time to be alive and well in Hollywood this October!  The film that ushered in an era of showmanship and widescreen cinema, "This Is Cinerama," returns to the ArcLight Cinerama Dome for two showings on October 21 and October 23, 2004.  For those who haven't seen true three-panel Cinerama with seven-channel stereophonic sound, this is a must-see event in one of the most beautiful modern theatres in the world, the Cinerama Dome.


If it's not enough to ride a roller coaster or fly across America's Heartland from the comfort of your theatre seat, the folks at The Dome have added more Cinerama treats to the screening menu.


According to David Strohmaier ("Cinerama Adventure"), the program will include:


--  "Lowell Thomas breakdown reel."  This is the standard [Academy] format reel originally shown in the 1950s whenever the Cinerama system broke down.  Lowell tries to entertain Cinerama audiences on the small screen with some unusual stories and bad jokes.

--   1956 B&W theatrical newsreel, and the opening of "Seven Wonders of the World."  Coverage on Broadway of the opening of the 3rd Cinerama Film.  Features Nanette Fabray and Joan Crawford.

--   Theatrical 35mm Trailer for "Seven Wonders of the World" in CinemaScope (color has faded)

--   Women's motorcycle race action scene from "Naughty Curves" or "Opasniye Povoroty" showing in full 3-projector Kinopanorama with Russian Dialogue.  Kinopanorama was the Russian version of Cinerama and the two formats were compatible.

--   Dizzying Ferris wheel sequence from "Cinerama Holiday" in 3-projector Cinerama to be followed by the Cinerama white water rafting on the Indus sequence from "Search For Paradise"   Note: For those who are prone to sea sickness the theatre recommends you not be present for this Cinerama white water sequence.


For more information, log onto or call 323-464-1478.


Dates October 21st at 7:00 PM & October 23rd at 10:00 AM.

Location:  ArcLight Cinerama Dome, 6360 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028


When you're there, make sure to pay a visit with John Sittig of Cinerama, Inc., David Strohmaier and those who have put on this special Cinerama showcase.  There is an amazing amount of work, time, effort and care that goes into making things happen.  These gentlemen are true film buffs, and their passion for movies comes through with impeccable showmanship during these Cinerama and widescreen presentations at the Dome.   


"This Is Cinerama" flyer


Special Thanks to David Strohmaier

Cinerama photos and artwork © 2004 ArcLight Cinemas.  All rights reserved

Dome photo © 2003 William Kallay.  All rights reserved




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