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"Sky High" DLP Engagements


Posted August 15, 2005


"Sky High" Rocks


Rick Mitchell

Though obviously inspired more by the "Spy Kids" trilogy than "The Incredibles," "Sky High" is still well worth seeing by anyone into comic books and super heroes, as this is actually the best Joe Dante movie that Joe wasn't given a chance to make. While it doesn't have his in-jokes, it does have his correct tongue-in-cheek but respectful tone and classic sight gags that work. Even the film's expected "life's lessons" are delivered with appropriate comic toppers.

It's basically the kind of Disney teen movie that Kurt Russell has claimed to have hated doing, so it's surprising to find him in it, but not surprising that this unfairly underrated actor gives such a right-on nuanced performance. (If you want to see how underrated he is, track down a 1989 film called "Winter People.") Even Bruce Campbell is held in check, while Cloris Leachman is just right in her one scene.

Though Super-35ed through a DI, cinematographer Shelly Johnson has leaned more toward wide angle lenses, giving the film a proper big look that makes it worth checking out on the big theatre screen. And you could say that this is the year's second
color film, after "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory."

Rick Mitchell is a film editor, film director, and film historian.  He lives in Los Angeles.

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