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Posted October 24, 2007

Miramax Films held a special meet-and-greet with actor Richard Gere.  He was the guest of honor at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to promote his film, "The Hoax," and also receive an award from the Hollywood Film Festival. Mr. Gere was extremely cordial and held journalists spellbound as he talked about his role in "The Hoax." 

The film, now on DVD, was a critical success. Gere is up to his usual high standards of acting, while Alfred Molina puts in a great performance as his best friend.  

Miramax provided invited guests with gourmet treats, delicious dessert and wine. We were on the 8th floor of the Hilton, which provided for a gorgeous view of Los Angeles.  The view was stunning, despite the raging firestorms happening around Southern California.  

"The Hoax" is now on DVD.


Drinks aplenty

One of the delicious desserts at the event

A beautiful view of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles

This picture almost looks like a shot from one of Gere's movies

Gere holds court with the press

Gere and a lovely guest

 Not sure whose car this is, but it looks nice in front of the Hilton

Special thanks to Mac McLean
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