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By Bill Kallay

Disney put on its second huge Disney fan convention, D23 Expo, at the Anaheim Convention Center. D23 is Disney's answer to Comic-Con, a one stop shop to experience the magic that makes the Mouse company run. Disney skipped a year to figure out if it was viable to repeat the convention. It seems that this time around, the expo was even more popular than the first one in 2009.

D23 ran from August 19-21, 2011.

The convention had a huge number of events and conferences. Since there was so much to see and do, below is a compilation of the main highlights in a photo gallery. This will give you an idea of what Disney has in store for fans now and in the future.
Special thanks to Beth Castle, Rita Lee Cooper and Lisa Scalzo

Photos: © Bill Kallay. All rights reserved. [all photos except where noted]

[1] Photos: © 2011 Disney Enterprises. All rights reserved.


Agent P[1]
Agent P from "Phineas and Ferb"
Alice and the Mad Hatter
AAlice and the Mad Hatter
A.N.T. Farm Cast
"A.N.T. Farm" actor Carlon Jeffery
China Anne McClain
"A.N.T. Farm" actor China Anne McClain
Jake Short
"A.N.T. Farm" actor Jake Short
Sierra McCormick
"A.N.T. Farm" actor Sierra McCormick
Stefanie Scott
"A.N.T. Farm" actor Stephanie Scott
Atticus Shaffer
"Fish Hooks" actor Atticus Shaffer
Fish Hooks
"Fish Hooks" cast and creators
Bruce Boxleitner
"Tron" actor Bruce Boxleitner
Cindy Morgan
"Tron" actor Cindy Morgan
Princess Disney Legends[1]
Disney Legends ceremony inductees Paige O'Hara, Lea Salonga, Anika Noni Rose and Jodi Benson
Regis Philbin[1]
Disney Legend Regis Philbin
Ray Watson[1]
Disney Legend Ray Watson
carousel of projects
Disney Parks & Resorts showcase called Carousel of Projects
cars ride
"Cars" ride vehicle for the upcoming Carsland themed area of Disney's California Adventure park
carthay circle theatre
The famous and demolished Carthay Circle Theatre is being resurrected at Disney's California Adventure
dwarf roller coaster car
Coaster car mock-up for the new Seven Dwarfs attraction in the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida
fantasyland orlando
The Fantasyland expansion model for Orlando is huge!
fantasyland faire[1]
Fantasyland Faire in Orlando
don hahn
Disney animated film producer Don Hahn talks about the creative mind
fan costumes
Disney fans dressed up in their favorite Disney costumes
good luck charlie[1]
Part of the cast of "Good Luck Charlie" includes toddler Mia Telerico
good luck charlie cast close up[1]
"Good Luck Charlie" cast (left-to-right) Bradley Steven Perry, Leigh Allyn Baker and Jason Dolley
it's a small world[1]
"It's a Small World" 45th anniversary panel featured (left-to-right) Tony Baxter, Ann Davis, Richard M. Sherman and Kim Irvine
John Lasseter[1]
John Lasseter unveils more "Cars" merchandise
harrison ellenshaw
Harrison Ellenshaw (second from right) describes making "Tron"
kickin it cast[1]
"Kickin' It" cast
adam hicks
"Lemonade Mouth" actor Adam Hicks
blake michael
"Lemonade Mouth" actor Blake Michael
Chris Brochu
"Lemonade Mouth" actor Chris Brochu
haley kiyoko
"Lemonade Mouth" actress Hayley Kiyoko
lemonade mouth cast
"Lemonade Mouth" cast
pair of kings cast[1]
"Pair of Kings" cast
perry rv
Perry the Platypus's RV
shake it up cast[1]
"Shake It Up" cast
so random[1]
"So Random" cast
 The Making of Tron

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