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A year-by-year, film-by-film history of 70-millimeter wide gauge exhibition in Orange County, California


 Compiled by Michael Coate and William Kallay



70mm Equipped Theatre Pictures



Theatre Specifications
Chains: Statewide / Loew's / General Cinema Corporation
Opened: July 13, 1966
Closed: 1976 / Re-opened as an auditorium for Hope International University
Seats: 1000


70mm presentation came to the quiet city of Fullerton with the arrival of the Statewide Titan Theatre.  This unusually designed theatre was built right across the street from California State University Fullerton.  Designed during the Space Age and “Googie” era of architecture, this is a rare exisiting example of a 1960s theatre.  The roof contains a number of A-shaped panels and the front of the theatre points skyward.  To complement the Titan, which was named after the name of CSUF’s team, a shopping center was built behind the theatre. 


The Titan had a reasonably-sized lobby with the snack bar located toward the wall.  Rock and glass features, similar to the Valley Circle Theatre in San Diego, created a warm atmosphere to the otherwise stark lobby.


Audiences could enter the auditorium through one of two side doors which lead to a hallway.  From there, they could find seating in a large cluster of seats in the middle of the auditorium.  The seating capacity was around 1000.


The theatre didn’t survive for long as a venue for movies.  According to professional projectionist and theatre historian, Bill Gabel, the site was closed down by then-current owner GCC in 1976.  It was taken over by Hope University, a Christian college, and has been used for classes and church services.  The screen is no longer there, but a stage can accomodate live bands and sermons. 


What is gratifying to know is that this theatre has been kept virtually intact.  With the exception of the screen having been removed, the theatre looks as new as it probably did when it opened.  The original box office still has a well-preserved ticketing machine.  The snack bar is still used and is probably much cleaner than it was during its days of movie operation.  The lobby and auditorium are clean and inviting.  All that’s missing are the movies themselves!




Statewide's Fullerton Titan grand opening day ad (July 13, 1966)


Titan ad for "Doctor Zhivago" (c. 1967)


Titan (2004)


Titan from Nutwood Street


Box office




Snack bar

[1] The Orange County Register / Statewide
[2] William Kallay



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