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A year-by-year, film-by-film history of 70-millimeter wide gauge exhibition in Orange County, California


 Compiled by Michael Coate and William Kallay



70mm Equipped Theatre Pictures



Theatre Specifications*
Chain: Edwards
Opened:  December 25, 1963
Closed: N/A — Now a cosmetology school
Seats:  Approx. 1000


The Edwards Cinema, located on Adams Avenue near Harbor Blvd. was the circuit’s first foray into Orange County. The theatre opened on December 25, 1963.  The lobby was incredibly small, which belied a large auditorium and a large, wide screen. Lighting, hidden within the recesses of the side auditorium walls, gave the theatre a “Space Age” feel. During the engagement of "Earthquake" (1974)the Cinema was equipped for Sensurround. 


The theatre was apparently popular with local residents and students from nearby Orange Coast College. Yet, time and the movement to large megaplexes spelled the end of this Edwards original.  The theatre was gutted and has been replaced by a cosmetology school.




Edwards Cinema Costa Mesa opening day ad (December 25, 1963)


Cinema's former box office (2005)


The Cinema once had an early 1960s sign on Adams Avenue, but it was one of the first things removed when the theatre closed down


The plain exterior was typical of 1960s-era theatre design

[1] The Orange County Register / Edwards
[2] William Kallay
*FSTD is still researching documentation to determine if this theatre was indeed equipped for 70mm projection.



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