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The Screening Room

To help celebrate the upcoming 2-disc "Platinum Edition" DVD of Walt Disney's "101 Dalmatians," a special screening was held at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on January 18, 2008. 

Film historian, critic and television personality, Leonard Maltin, was the evening's host.

On hand at the screening were Alice Davis, who designed many of the costumes for the Pirates of the Caribbean and It's A Small World attractions. Her husband was the late, great Marc Davis, who animated Cruella De Vil.  Also at the screening were Blaine Gibson, an animator and sculptor of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse "Partners" at Disneyland, CA; Lisa Davis (voice talent of Anita), and animator Eric Goldberg ("How To Hook Up Your Home Theater").

The film is just as enjoyable as it always has been. The simple but effective storyline and excellent characterizations make "Dalmatians" a true Disney classic. Screening with the film is the new Goofy short, "How To Hook Up Your Home Theater." This was animated with as much comedic timing that made some of the original Goofy cartoon shorts so funny. With an audience, this one's a riot, especially if you've dealt with trying to hook up a home theater system.    

"101 Dalmatians" hits stores on March 8.


Cruella De Vil shows up to sing

Goofy shows up to save the day

Leonard Maltin did a fine job as MC as usual

Costume designer Alice Davis (left) and sculptor Blaine Gibson (right)

Lisa Davis voiced the "human pet" of Anita

Animator Eric Goldberg worked on the new Goofy short

 The panel talks below the image of Dalmatians under the big screen

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